• B737-800NG Type Rating

  • A320 Type Rating


Ground Training (3 months)

Subjects covered: 

  • Air Navigation

  • Aviation Meteorology

  • Aircraft and Engines

  • Air Regulations

* Here we save time of students so that they can simultaneously prepare for the DGCA exam while undergoing flight training in the US and save their valuable time.

Flight Time and IR (252 hours) 

Tie-ups with Flight Schools of international repute

Fast Track Course (For DGCA Exam)

  • Air Navigation

  • Aviation Meteorology

  • Air Regulations


This is primarily a refresher course, which has been designed to help you comply with the various requirements put forward by an operator when seeking employment. In the Airline Induction Course CPL holders applying for airline jobs are trained for Airline's entrance examination*, airline interviews*, Simulator briefings*.

* Optional Course with prior arrangement.

Course Details:

  • Aerodynamics - Basic

  • Aerodynamics - Advanced

  • Airframe & Systems

  • Avionics - (Glass Cockpit Displays)

  • Basic Aeronautical Knowledge

  • Engine Systems & Instruments

  • Flight Planning - Commercial Airplanes

  • Flight Rules - Air Transport (ICAO)

  • Flight Rules & Air Law

Gas Turbine Engines:

  • Heavy Jet Transport Performance (Operation & Performance)

  • Human Performance & Limitations

  • Meteorology - General & Operational

  • Navigation - General

  • Navigation - Radio & Electronics ( Jeppesen's)

  • Multi-engine Flight - General Terms Only


Aircraft Type No of Hours
Cessna - 152 187 Hours
Cessna - 172 20 Hours
Simulator (MULTI) 20 Hours
Piper Seneca 25 Hours
Total 252 Hours

150 hours flying with an Instructor

102 hours solo flying

Total - 252 hours

45-Days Fast Track Course: (Prior to the DGCA Exam) Students returning from flight training with an FAA licence have to convert it into an Indian licence, which requires them to appear for the DGCA exam.

We prepare students for the DGCA exam right from the time of Ground Training, which gives them a significant head start over others. Further, a 45-day fast track course is conducted on their return, which helps them prepare for the DGCA exam.


Conversion of the foreign licence into an Indian Licence is mandatory in order to seek employment with an Indian operator. This requires the students to appear for the DGCA exam.

We provide intense training to help students prepare for the conversion examination. A 45-day fast track course, which covers Navigation, Meteorology and Air Regulation, helps students in preparing for the examination in the shortest possible time.

The training commences in the first week of March, June, September and December, and continues till the examination. Students desiring extended classes can enroll for our regular batch and then migrate to FLCT.

Training Details:

1. Navigation

  • Brief Revision (Navigation)

  • General Navigation - Numerical problems, including maps & charts

  • Flight Planning - Numerical problems (CP/PNR, basic & engine failure cases)

  • Radio Aids - Tracking procedures

  • Sample Question Revision

2. Aviation Meteorology (as per exam requirement)

3. Air Regulations

  • Aircraft Manual India - Vol. I & II (The Aircraft Act, 1934 & The Aircraft Rules, 1937)

  • ICAO - Documents (general coverage as applicable)


  • Model Question Revision


We provide comprehensive training to prepare students for the role of Flight Dispatchers.

Airlines/Operators engage Flight Dispatchers for obtaining ATC and MET briefings and to brief pilots accordingly. They are also responsible for preparing flight plans and are central to ensuring safety of aircraft operations.

This part of the Civil Aviation Requirement is issued under the Rule 133A of the Aircraft Rules, 1937, which sets out the requirements to impart necessary training to these officers.

A Flight Dispatcher is the Chief Assistant to the Commander, and the Company's nominee at outstations. The key responsibilities include:

  • Authorizing, regulating, controlling and terminating aircraft flights in accordance with Company & Government regulations & policies to ensure safety.

  • Reviewing and evaluating weather information to determine potential flight safety.

  • Preparing and signing the dispatch release, which is a legal document providing authorization for all departing flights.

  • Accounting for delays, diversions or cancellations of flights as per Company instructions.


The airline industry requires smart, well groomed, alert, attentive and competent young adults as their cabin crew, to primarily ensure the safety of their passengers, and also offer their inflight services.

An airline cabin crew essentially represents the image of the Airline and therefore a cabin crew aspirant is put through a series of demanding interviews where you will be assessed for a whole host of attributes and interpersonal skills that are requisites in a professional cabin crew. While all these would be covered in great detail, in your ab-initio training, once you have joined, you first need to be selected. A walk-in interview is not exactly a walk in the park!,

In a good airline, the competitive environment is exalting, and only the best get selected. However, you should also know that you too can become one among the best; if you choose to get the right training and are willing to work hard.

Allied Wings offer you just that opportunity. Managed by former very experienced senior cabin crew executives and industry experts from the field of grooming, personality skill development, customer communication skills and Airline service training, we have put together and designed a training program just for this purpose. Our 72 hours training package, which includes both academic and practical training, is aimed at bringing out the best in you.

Minimum requirements

  • Age: Between 18 and 27 years

  • Minimum Height: Men - 170 cms and Women - 157 cms

  • Weight: In proportion to height

  • Educational Qualification: HSC (10 + 2). Candidates who are appearing for their HSC examinations can also apply

  • Physical features: Pleasing personality, clear complexion (scars, pimples and blemishes need to be corrected) and good eyesight

  • Marital Status: Unmarried

  • Language skills: Fluency in English and Hindi. Proficiency in a foreign language will be an added advantage.

  • Interactive skills: Excellent communication and good interpersonal skills

  • Nationality: Indian citizens only

  • Passport: Must possess or be eligible for an Indian passport or should have applied for a passport

  • Mandatory Documentation : Must possess a Pan Card and Aadhaar Card

Our Courseware

This 3 month program comprises of 72 hours of intensive training, covering every aspect of grooming you need to become a cabin crew. In this program, you will gain the knowledge, confidence, skill, capability and the competence to be able to get through the airline selection process for job of a cabin crew.

Your will learn:

1. Style and Image

This module will cover Makeup and Hairstyling for the airline industry. You will be trained to be suitably groomed, appropriate to the image of a cabin crew and gain an in-depth knowledge of all aspects of self-grooming.

2. Communication Skills

This is the single most important skill required in the airline industry and more especially because it is the Cabin Crew who is the voice and face of the airline. This job is all about being able to communicate with different people with confidence and ease.

3. Introduction to Aviation

The aviation timeline right from the time the Wright brothers’ creative and technological genius that revolutionized transportation on this planet, to today's modern jet age, this topic is a backgrounder to world of Aviation. We will then introduce you to the fundamentals and actual job aspects covering Inflight Service, Safety and First-Aid.

4. Interview Techniques

This segment is of utmost importance; a key aspect of opening the gates of the highly lucrative job of a cabin crew. Airline Interviews are multi-levelled and it get harder as you go to the top. You will learn and practice gaining confidence each time, enabling you to effectively handle the daunting airline interview process with confidence and ease.

Get trained by the experts

While our training program is designed for the Airline Industry, it would also serve you well, even otherwise; to gain confidence in your ability in public speaking, self-confidence, personal appearance, self-belief, communications & interactive skills, customer relations and a whole host of personality attributes that would enrich the person in you.

You will be able to pursue any career in any hospitality industry.

If you have the interest, and are willing to seriously hard with us, you will find yourself walking out of here and walking in to a successful Airline job interview. The airline career that you much sought after, will be well within your reach. The rest is up to you.


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